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A free tool that converts Adobe/Macromedia Flash files to XAML
Created by Michael Swanson

Eye Candy

Here are some unmodified screen captures that compare an image in the Adobe/Macromedia Flash Player 8 on the left against its XAML representation in SWF2XAML on the right. You can click on any of these images to view them at full size.

Where available, I've linked to the original Flash/SWF files.

Encarta Animation
Flash Player 8 SWF2XAML

Expect for some slight gradients at the ends of the arteries and veins in the upper-left corner, this file converts very well.

Flash Player 8 SWF2XAML

A near-perfect conversion.

Good to be in DC by JibJab
Flash Player 8 SWF2XAML

Again, a near-perfect conversion. The bitmap fill issues that existed in version 0.1 of the tool have been fixed in 0.2.

Bendito Machine
Flash Player 8 SWF2XAML

This file contains some relatively complex shapes. Most of the details are converted properly, although in this frame, you can see the "pill shaped" container in the upper-right corner of the character's body has been penetrated by the vertical stroke near its top. The non-repeating bitmap fill bug in version 0.1 has since been fixed in 0.2 (this used to exhibit itself in the orange/yellow background bitmap).

Flash Player 8 SWF2XAML

I just had to try this Flash file. I remember "discovering" Radiskull and Devil Doll years ago. I was quite happy to see that it converts well. There are some visual glitches in some frames, mostly related to Radiskull's bandana and lower teeth.